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Conservative Christianity and the transgender question

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Buddhist nun professors or none?

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Why is there no female Dalai Lama?

Every time Buddhism migrated from its place of origin in India to other countries, whether Sri Lanka, Burma, Japan, China … Continued

Mormon women wearing pants love the Gospel

Jeff Blake FOR THE WASHINGTON POST The Book of Mormon sits on a coffee table as Mormon missionaries make home … Continued

Homeless find support on Facebook, Twitter

Here’s something everyone can “like”: Social media fosters community, even for those who don’t have a home. A new study … Continued

Not just chess: Atheists are organizing high school clubs, too

High school kids can join the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, the Jewish Student Union, the Muslim Students Association and, in … Continued

How the Web is killing faith

apple “Open access to knowledge — the ability to fact check your pastors and imams and rabbis — is a … Continued

Debunking Kirk Cameron’s Christianity

Since, I was too old to obsess over Mike Seaver, I never got caught up in the whole Kirk Cameron … Continued

A biblical sexuality

(Read Driscoll’s previous three essays in this series here, here and here.) What’s the first thing you think of when … Continued

Seeking justice for ‘the least of these’

As the American left continues to seek a coherent way to articulate its moral priorities in these days of political … Continued