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Roe v. Wade anniversary: How abortion became an evangelical issue

Prior to Roe v. Wade in 1973, evangelicals were, with a few notable exceptions, confused and uncertain about the question of abortion.

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What We Tell Our Kids About Santa

‘Tis the season . . . for parents to decide if they will tell the truth about Santa.

2010 electoral results bad news for secular Americans

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Why the religious right has a permanent political edge over secular America

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Answering ‘Will Muslims impose Shariah?’

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One nation, until death do us part

By Melody Fox Chelsea Clinton’s upcoming Methodist-Jewish nuptials prompted me to reflect on interreligious marriage as an important part of … Continued

The Reproductive Right

The most nausea-inducing and (unintentionally) comic quote of the mid-term campaign so far comes from Carly Fiorina, the ousted CEO … Continued

Interview with Jim Wallis about Glenn Beck and ‘social justice’

Here’s a transcript of my April 7 video interview with Rev. Jim Wallis, founder of the Sojourners Christian community and … Continued