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Staying in a relationship out of a fear of being single is a terrible idea. Really.

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10 Things Churches Could Learn from Starbucks

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6 Things I Wish Everyone Knew About Youth Ministry

What is your church doing to allow young people to participate in the life of the Body of Christ?

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Church Community Should Be Messy

Church leaders: let’s challenge ourselves to prioritize love over comfort in our communities.

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Can We Know the World and Still Love It?

Starting this beautiful and diverse church has shown me how to love the world in all its brokenness and pain.

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Why believing in nothing has not left a void in my life.

The “I” in Our Illness and the “We” in our Wellness

A Buddhist teacher offers advice for the healing of the nation.

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My virtual Jewish congregation

Jewish congregations have come late to the potential of reaching live audiences through multimedia.