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Defending the Defenseless

Amidst the travesty and torture that Pastor Saeed is forced to endure at the hands of his Iranian captors, his faith in Christ shines through

At Christmas, A Rare Collaboration to Restore an Ancient Church

A 21st century Bethlehem miracle? This year, the three churches that share responsibility for the Church of the Nativity came together for an act of restoration.

Christmas in America: Belief in Virgin Birth of Jesus

Many Americans hold a belief in the virgin birth of Christ.

Two Turtle Doves For 2008

Elizabeth Tenety examines the bold workings of Justin Fatica and Shane Claiborne with the onset of the new year.

A Partridge In an Airport

Then one flight it dawned on me that 150 other souls were also dragging their spiritual baggage onto our plane, and I had no idea what sort of sins they had been dabbling in. Gluttony? Deceit? Adultery?

Life After De-Santafication

Maybe the story of Santa is an innocent, sweet fable we tell our children. Or maybe Santa, in his endless gluttony, is a reflection of us.