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Pope Francis picks cardinals who point the way to Catholicism’s future

Pope Francis’ choice of new cardinals confirms the unique characteristics and goals of his papacy.

Pope Francis sends e-mail on Holocaust to American Jewish leader

Pope Francis offers contributes to renewal of Catholic-Jewish relations in the form of a personal e-mail.

The pope, a bishop, and the scandal of wealth

Pope Francis waves to faithful as he arrives to attend the Marian prayer in St. Peter’s square at the Vatican, … Continued

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That’s an atheist thing to do, Pope Francis

Perhaps Pope Francis will have the freedom and desire to make not just stylistic and rhetorical changes, but substantive changes as well.

Atheists at the pulpit

Congregations of atheists may be the new, beneficial alternative to organized religion.

Key quotes from Pope Francis interview with atheist journalist: Stop ‘Vatican centric’ thinking

Eugenio Scalfari’s report shows a pope who rejects blind deference to hierarchy, one who is eager to engage with the world beyond the walls of the church, even when his words may make Catholics uncomfortable.

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Pope Francis divides atheists

Pope Francis may be as good as it gets, but the Catholic Church just doesn’t allow popes to get that good.

Can Pope Francis help end the culture wars?

Francis’ words may be the push needed to keep the Catholic faith above the mess of American politics.

A Protestant in praise of the Catholic Church

Like millions of others, I am gratefully stunned by his revolutionary remarks on the Catholic Church’s “obsession” with long-held doctrines on gay people and abortion.

Is Pope Francis a liberal?

The question gets some answers – and even more questions.