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The biology of marriage

One simple Google search produces a cacophonic illustration of how garbled society’s understanding of marriage has truly become.

Muslim women’s rights: the politics of fashion

Women’s rights in the Islamic world have been reduced to culturally relative fashion rights.

Stay at home daughters: new age feminists or intellectually lazy?

By: Nadia S. Mohammad and Anisah Hashmi, contributors to “Stay At Home Daughters” sounds like a slogan for Wahhabi … Continued

Little hijabi women

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Where are the moderate Americans?

By Michael Vicente Perez and Zeba Iqbal, contributors to AltMuslimahMichael: Hi Zeba. The mid-term elections are over and, as predicted, … Continued

Female flesh and the face veil

By Zarin Hamid, contributor to AltMuslimah The story of NiqaBitch’s tongue in cheek protest has taken over France. “NiqaBitch” refers … Continued

Islamic terrorism? Racism? Some Muslims turn to humor

By Michelle Boorstein Terrorism? Not your typical punch line fodder. But some Muslims, hoping to bring a bit of levity … Continued

Muslims Wearing Things, and also taking stands

By Beenish Ahmed, contributor to AltMuslimah Last week, Juan Williams, a high-ranking news analyst, made some off-the-cuff comments on “The … Continued

Homosexuality in Islam: an identity in flux

Un-identifying” Homosexuality: A Look at Homosexuality through the Eastern Lens By: Shazia Kamal, Contributor to When news of Saudi … Continued

What not to wear: outlawing the face veil

By Zehra Rizavi, contributor to Editor’s note: A French constitutional court Thursday determined that the measure banning the Islamic … Continued