Former Mars Hill Women’s Ministry Leader: “The cult of personality . . . isn’t how God builds his church”

Wendy Allsup, a former deacon and ministry leader at Mark Driscoll’s church, explains what went wrong at Mars Hill — and why she has hope for the future.

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Baltimore Ravens Training Camp August 20, 2009
Can Ray Rice Be the Poster Boy for Redemption Instead of Rage?

Once again, a young black man is the symbol of a societal dysfunction. Can we flip the script?

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President Obama’s Plan of Attack Won’t Save Iraq’s Displaced

The United States’ military strategy in Iraq ensures further pain, suffering, and chaos in the region.

My Father Repented of “Christian Spanking” Too Late

My father’s old-fashioned discipline was rooted in the advice and example of his community, his parents, and his church.

Three Ways Your Church Can Embrace the Lessons of Ferguson

As Ferguson leaves the national limelight, here are three ways you can make sure your community does not miss its most crucial lessons.

Can Religious Progressives Get Organized Enough to Do Anything?

The six challenges facing religious progressives, based on a recent survey.

Jesus’ Five-Part Strategy for Dealing with ISIS

Can the evil of ISIS be overcome with good? Or is bombing them our only hope?

“The Most Vocal Opponents of Abortion Support the Bombing of Children”

A Q&A with activist and priest John Dear.

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Why You Should Accept the Things You Cannot Change

Accepting some of the hard things in your past and present is not resignation — it’s an act of faith.

Let Sikh Americans Serve in the U.S. Military

Why we should repeal the ban against turbaned Sikhs in the Armed Forces.

Can You Love Your Neighbor As Yourself While Kneeing Him in the Face?

A minister and Mixed Martial Arts fighter explains the spirit of Jesus behind his beloved sport.

Can We Know the World and Still Love It?

Starting this beautiful and diverse church has shown me how to love the world in all its brokenness and pain.