Wendy Doniger

Wendy Doniger is Mircea Eliade Distinguished Service Professor of the History of Religions at the University of Chicago.

Stories by Wendy Doniger
How My Book Entered India’s Contest and Conflict Over Hinduism

When publishers in India agreed to stop publishing my book, they helped push the problems of fundamentalist Hinduism to the world stage.

The Battle over Hindu History

For years, some Hindus have argued that the 16th century mosque called the Babri Masjid (after the Mughal emperor Babur) … Continued

All Beliefs Welcome, Unless They are Forced on Others

Belief in god, like getting pregnant, is a private matter between consenting adults (or one consenting adult and one or … Continued

A Politician Taken in Adultery

“Forgiveness” comes in many shapes and sizes, from this sort of politically important, largely ritualized statement from a highly public … Continued

Letting God Off the Hook

In our culture, disasters such as Katrina and 9/11 are often the occasion on which we confront the problem of … Continued

Super-Titles for the Kingdom of Heaven

The controversy about the Latin Mass involves two very different issues, form and content. Both of them could be solved … Continued