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First Anglican woman bishop in India says critics have been silent

NEW DELHI — A Christian nun who became the first woman bishop of South Asia’s Anglican community said that so … Continued

Nepal battles misconceptions over Buddha’s birthplace

RNS () — Quick: Where was the Buddha born? To hear many Indians talk, you’d think it was India, where … Continued

Satan worship worries Christians in Northeast India

Christian groups in India’s northeastern state of Nagaland are working to quell the rapid growth of Satanism after reports that … Continued

Bhutan’s Buddhist monks accused of sexually molesting boys

The South Asian nation of Bhutan has been rocked by a sexual abuse scandal in which young Buddhist monks molested … Continued

Worldly Buddhist monks rile Thailand’s faithful

About a week after a video of Buddhist monks riding a private jet went viral on YouTube, pictures of monks … Continued

After failed self-immolation, Tibetan says ‘I won’t repeat it’

DHARAMSALA, India — After more than 100 Tibetans have set themselves on fire, a man who tried and failed says … Continued