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COMMENTARY: The buck never stops

RNS () — It was a strange, but telling, spectacle when those who billed the government millions for working on … Continued

Democracy is a marketplace of (sometimes obnoxious) ideas

RNS () — Time was when a determined minority vowed to change the nation’s collective mind about racial integration and … Continued

COMMENTARY: Challenge and disruption

RNS () — I had the privilege of teaching a pastoral theology class at Seminary of the Southwest in Austin, … Continued

COMMENTARY: Old habits die hard

RNS () — I got fitted for a custom-tailored suit this week. Not because I suddenly found a pot of … Continued

COMMENTARY: Stepping in when politicians step aside

POLAND, Ohio — A straggle of kids came up for children’s time at Poland Presbyterian Church, a 211-year-old congregation established … Continued

COMMENTARY: The day the buzz died

NEW YORK — I have noticed something eerie recently. I walk past Best Buy on Fifth Avenue and feel no … Continued

COMMENTARY: Somebody else’s problem

RNS () — IBM’s decision to cut loose 110,000 retirees from its company health plan continues a disturbing trend toward … Continued

The shameful politics of scorn

RNS () — I got a glimpse into the politics of scorn this week. The visual was a photo accompanying … Continued

COMMENTARY: Change at the top

RNS () — Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer’s surprise decision to retire does more than throw the technology industry into a … Continued

COMMENTARY: Searching for a new imprint

RNS () — Out of nowhere, I felt an urge to listen to Willie Nelson’s epic album “Stardust,” a collection … Continued