Timothy Tutt

Timothy B. Tutt is the senior minister of Westmoreland Congregational United Church of Christ. He is president of the board of Reach Beyond Mission and a member of the College of Pastoral Leaders at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary. He occasionally blogs at www.ZenTexas.blogspot.com.

Stories by Timothy Tutt
Is Faith in the Devil a House of Cards?

Some Christians think that if they don’t believe in the devil, their faith will fall apart. Maybe they need to play more poker.

The Modern Church Doesn’t Need a Make-Believe Devil

The biggest problem with all this talk of Satan is that he doesn’t exist.

I Broke the Law with My Son (for Jesus)

A little law-breaking goes a long way to show that faith is about taking a stand.

3 Free Tools for Church Growth

Why being kind, honest, and inclusive can create thriving congregations.