Timothy Shriver

Tim Shriver is a social leader, an educator, activist, film producer, and business entrepreneur. He is the Chairman of Special Olympics, and in that capacity he serves nearly 4 million Special Olympics athletes and their families in 180 countries.

Stories by Timothy Shriver
Mary Magdalene, the Closest Friend of Jesus

She’s been ignored, dismissed, and misunderstood. But the story of Easter makes it clear that Mary was Jesus’ most faithful friend.

Beware of Pope Francis

You can’t admire Pope Francis without acknowledging that the path he’s taking demands that we change.

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Silent night, holy night for all

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My father, my roommate

In this 1964 photo, Sergent Shriver posed with his family at the Shriver home near Rockville, Md. From left are: … Continued

This is a moment for courage, reflection

After Saturday’s tragic shooting in Tucson, some have pointed the finger at inflammatory political rhetoric. Many singled out Sarah Palin’s … Continued

Can the pope restore the purity of Catholicism after Altargate?

The scandal facing Catholics today looks a lot like the Watergate scandal that engulfed the United States in the early … Continued

My blog Religion from the Heart

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The bigotry behind the word ‘retard’

Professor and author Christopher M. Fairman ["The case against banning the word 'retard,' " Outlook, Feb. 14] made good arguments … Continued