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Navy chaplains to receive more training on sexual abuse

ST. LOUIS — Kristen Leslie began her 2003 book, “When Violence Is No Stranger,” with a verse from Psalms, a … Continued

Catholic priest with a taste for ‘self-bondage’ returned to ministry

RNS () — The Roman Catholic bishop of Springfield, Ill., has returned a priest to ministry after an internal investigation … Continued

Breakaway parish mulls joining the Episcopalians

ST. LOUIS — A breakaway Catholic church that stood up to three Catholic bishops, weathered a decade-long legal fight and … Continued

Lutherans may discuss disputes over joint worship

ST. LOUIS — Missouri Synod Lutherans from around the country will spend the next several days here for a national … Continued

Mother searches for God’s purpose in the midst of grief

ST. LOUIS — Sarah Decareaux was lying on the cold, concrete floor of a barn. She closed her eyes, curled … Continued

Lutherans re-elect Matthew Harrison despite Newtown “debacle”

Members of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod re-elected the Rev. Matthew Harrison as their president in a landslide, despite the so-called … Continued

Gay Catholic priest comes out to an uncertain future

ST. LOUIS — On the campus of the University of Missouri-St. Louis, the Rev. Gary Meier addressed a congregation of … Continued

Can grief be a mental illness? With new diagnostic changes, maybe

Each year 90,000 parents in the U.S. confront the profound suffering that follows the death of a child or adolescent. … Continued

Jesuits face a shrinking pool of university presidents

ST. LOUIS — For 25 years, St. Louis University has been led by the Rev. Lawrence Biondi. And for nearly … Continued

Catholics try their hand at old-fashioned evangelism

SHREWSBURY, Mo. — On a recent rainy Saturday, about 125 Catholics packed a basement conference room, many of them older, … Continued