T.D. Jakes

Stories by T.D. Jakes
Your Instinct is Your Greatest Tool

It takes instinct, and the ability to challenge conventional wisdom, to successfully navigate our complex world.

King’s dream: Waiting with perseverence

Martin Luther King Jr. seen during his “I Have a Dream” speech.AP It is hard to believe that 50 years … Continued

Never having to say I’m sorry

There’s a famous line in a 1970s film that’s commonly accepted as fact: “Love means never having to say you’re … Continued

God did not design us to be victims

“Withholding forgiveness is like drinking poison and waiting for your perpetrator to die.” These words are anathema to the faint … Continued

All are invited to Christ’s heavenly home

When people ask me to describe my idea of heaven, the thought itself can be quite daunting. Not because I … Continued

Racism Rears Its Ugly Head at Holocaust Museum

As our country watches the historic nomination of the first Hispanic woman to the United States Supreme Court, the afterglow … Continued