Sulayman Nyang

Stories by Sulayman Nyang
Negotiating Diversity

President Obama’s Inaugural Address raised the bar of inclusion in mainstream America. What President Eishenhower did for the Jewish community … Continued

Lincoln, Kennedy and Obama

The elections have come and gone and America is still here, standing tall with millions of people holding on to … Continued

Our Debts and Debtors

America is still the largest economy in world history and its success is primarily based on an effective marriage between … Continued

Big Job, Bigger Questions

America has come to an intersection in the development of humankind. Three factors have come together to make religion and … Continued

My Memories of the Day, the Man

In responding to the question about my memories on the day Dr. Martin Luther King was killed in Memphis, Tennessee, … Continued

Faith at Home in America

Einstein has been quoted as saying,” science without religion is lame, and religion without science is blind.” If these words … Continued

As in Islam, Holy Days a Balancing Act

Every year since I knew myself as a young Muslim kid growing up in the Gambia, Christians in Africa, in … Continued

Thankful for Land of Opportunity

Thanksgiving has long been established as a national day and a joyful moment in the lives of most Americans who … Continued

Faith in a Fruitful Conversation

I think bio-sociologist E.O. Wilson was correct and cautious in his assertion that: “An alliance between science and religion, forged … Continued

No Religion is an Island

The Dalai Lama is a man of peace and a maker of world history. His statement is true at three … Continued