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I Believe in Israeli Culture

Sixty percent of the music in my iTunes library is Israeli. From time to time I’ll listen to an American … Continued

On Israel in Gaza

I generally don’t like blogging about the Middle East, but current events don’t leave me much choice. I spent last … Continued

My Vote for Barack Obamawitz

Last May I found myself sitting in my aunt’s basement south of Tel Aviv facing a barrage of pointed questions … Continued

Friday Night Surprise

Friday night, after services and dinner at Hillel, I went with my friend to see Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, … Continued

In Between

Last weekend I stayed with a Catholic friend in the tiny town of Watertown, Wisconsin. On Sunday her parents took … Continued

My Pilgrimage to Milwaukee

Recently I went on a pilgrimage. No, I am not talking about my trip to Israel in May. I didn’t … Continued