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The terrorists hate diversity

President Obama, after saying that building a mosque at Ground Zero fit our “commitment to religious freedom,” backtracked, saying he … Continued

Muhammad would not ban Facebook

Prophet Muhammad himself wouldn’t take down Facebook if he were among us today. As Karen Armstrong’s biography on Muhammad shows, … Continued

Rescuing ‘jihad’ from the terrorists

There’s a verse from the Holy Qur’an which says: “Behold, We have created you all out of a father and … Continued

Act of one man, not an act of faith

On behalf of SSGWI , my wife Samina and I condemn the senseless act of violence allegedly perpetrated by Maj. … Continued

Concert for Pakistan

Guest post by Adriana Dunn, blog editor at TakePart. Saturday night Sept. 12 was not a typical evening at the … Continued

Taliban are Enemies of Pakistan and Islam

By Salman Ahmad and Kamran Pasha The Taliban hordes now sit dangerously close to Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, and … Continued