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Charter of Quebec Values would ban ‘overt’ religious symbols

RNS () — Quebec’s government this week introduced its much-discussed Charter of Quebec Values, which would ban “overt and conspicuous” … Continued

Quebec moves to ban religious headgear for public employees

TORONTO — Quebec’s separatist, secular-minded government plans to move forward with a controversial bill that would ban religious headgear for … Continued

Quebec lifts turban ban, but allegations of intolerance linger

TORONTO — Quebec’s much-criticized ban on turbans on soccer fields ended this weekend after the game’s world governing body ruled … Continued

Soccer ban on Sikh turbans leads to backlash against Quebec

TORONTO — Earlier this week, the Canadian Soccer Association suspended the Quebec Soccer Federation for instituting the ban on religious … Continued

Canadians turning away from organized religion

TORONTO — A new national study shows that while Canada remains overwhelmingly Christian, Canadians are turning their backs on organized … Continued

Homeless Jesus sculpture searches for a home

TORONTO — This homeless Jesus can barely find a home. Canadian sculptor Timothy Schmalz notes the ironies in his latest … Continued

Canadian prisoners sue over lack of chaplains

TORONTO — Inmates in British Columbia have filed suit to overturn a decision by the Canadian government to cut part-time … Continued

Quebec loses status as Canada’s most secular province

TORONTO — A new poll suggests Quebecers are no longer among the least religious residents of Canada. The reason? Quebecers … Continued

Canada names new minister for religious freedom

TORONTO — After nearly two years of delay, Canada on Tuesday (Feb. 19) finally named its ambassador for the Office … Continued

Customer sues Muslim barber for refusing to cut her hair

TORONTO — In case of competing rights, a Toronto woman has lodged a complaint against a barber who refused to … Continued