Robert Thurman

Stories by Robert Thurman
Let 9/11 be mourned with monuments and mosques

Should there be a mosque near Ground Zero? It is a wonderful idea to build a mosque near Ground Zero! … Continued

All religions not same to you

Q: Are all religions the same? The Dalai Lama, who just celebrated his 75th birthday, often refers to the ‘oneness’ … Continued

Compassion Doesn’t Require Conversion

First of all, the U.S. government should not fund “faith-based programs” at all, in order to maintain the separation between … Continued

Palin’s Association Troubling

Considering the question posed, the three cases are not in the same category. The Obama and Wright and McCain and … Continued

China Needs the Dalai Lama

We are at a moment of great significance for humanity, at the beginning of this new century, which could be … Continued

Lovely Language, Ugly Words

In my opinion, it’s fine to do the Catholic Mass in Latin, if the priest and the audience want to. … Continued