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How Latinos are changing American Christianity

Will wonders never cease? In the midst of an unprecedented avalanche of negative media against traditional religious values and the … Continued

Meaning of Fred Luter’s presidency to Southern Baptists

Several thousand Southern Baptist pastors, church workers, laymen and their wives, most of them elected representatives (“messengers”) from their local … Continued

A mosque near Ground Zero is unacceptable

The New York City community board endorsed the Cordoba House, a community center and mosque planned for construction near Ground … Continued

No religious test for office, including Supreme Court justice

I have been asked on several occasions both by members of the media and private individuals about whether I was … Continued

Tebow ad another reason pro-choice is losing

Q: The conservative Christian group Focus on the Family is sponsoring a pro-life ad, featuring football star Tim Tebow, during … Continued

Too high a price

Should Ireland have a law against blasphemy? No. In order to have freedom of speech and religious freedom, one must … Continued