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Al Mohler responds: The evangelical unease over contraception

Is evangelical unease about contraception just a cover for white male leaders to keep women out of pulpits?

Is the Internet the enemy of faith?

Mario Tama GETTY IMAGES Ultra-Orthodox Jews take in the view from Citi Field at a meeting to discuss the risks … Continued

We must pray for persecuted Christians

2011 began with some bleak news for Muslim-Christian relations around the world.Recent attacks against churches in Iraq, Nigeria and Egypt … Continued

Marriage disappearing in front of our eyes

A new survey out this week from the National Marriage Project shows that marriage is an institution in decline in … Continued

New political equation for religious right

The meaning of the 2010 election is destined now to be the Great Debate of the next political season. While … Continued

The logic of Christian marriage

Chelsea Clinton, raised Methodist, and Marc Mezvinsky, Jewish, will wed this weekend. Statistics show that 37 percent of Americans have … Continued

The gospel truth behind Beck’s inartful words

(Originally published on my blog) Fox News broadcaster Glenn Beck is famous for launching verbal grenades, and he did so … Continued

Preachers who don’t believe: The scandal of apostate pastors

The new report “Preachers Who Are Not Believers” gives cause to remove unbelieving ministers from the pulpit.

Does God Hate Haiti?

Q: Many have criticized Pat Robertson’s suggestion that the catastrophic earthquake in Haiti was the work of the devil or … Continued

Oral Roberts’s spiritual gifts and errors

The death of Oral Roberts marks a significant milestone in the history of American Christianity. His life, spanning from 1918 … Continued