Mathew N. Schmalz

Mathew N. Schmalz is Associate Professor of Religious Studies at The College of the Holy Cross.

Stories by Mathew N. Schmalz
Fervent on the Fourth: Worshipping with the Tea Party

Why the Republican Party offshoot is best understood as a religious group.

The Contradictions of the Saints

Canonization can stereotype the life of the saint — as it becomes more Christ-like, the rough edges of a saint’s story can be smoothed away.

Catholicism Is Sexy and We Know it

Why many of our most sexual — and powerful — pop culture performances depend on Catholicism.

What’s so peculiar about Pope Francis?

Five unique aspects of the first year of Pope Francis.

Semilla Luz
In disfigured man, Pope Francis saw Jesus

That day with the disfigured man, the pope doubtless saw pain and suffering. But he also saw Jesus.

The pope, a bishop, and the scandal of wealth

Pope Francis waves to faithful as he arrives to attend the Marian prayer in St. Peter’s square at the Vatican, … Continued