Margaret O'Brien Steinfels

Stories by Margaret O'Brien Steinfels
Hyperbole, vitriol and death by crucifixion

You have to wonder if the Roman Catholic Church circa 2010 is what Jesus had in mind as he hung … Continued

No minarets? Fear and trembling

Q: What’s your reaction to Sunday’s decision by voters in Switzerland to ban construction of minarets, the slender towers from … Continued

Could we call it Dog Day?

Q: What do you think of the American Humanist Association’s new “Godless Holiday” campaign? The ads will say: “No God? … Continued

Reality check on our finitude

In our last days, many American face complex choices about medical care–choices put by doctors trained to cure sick people … Continued

Catholics and Anglicans: Related but can they live together?

Walking into an Episcopal church, I am always taken aback at its resemblance to my own Catholic church. Of course, … Continued