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Chinese Christians aim to evangelize Muslim world

By Julia Duin Although today is the dawn of the Chinese New Year, most people are unaware that Chinese Christians … Continued

Can a Mormon now be president?

By Julia Duin Mitt Romney’s Mormon faith was widely viewed by analysts as a chief obstacle to his 2008 run … Continued

1 out of 8 biology teachers reject evolution

By Julia Duin Washington, DC – March, 15: A The Smithsonian Museum of Natural History Hall of Human Origins display … Continued

Egypt: What are Muslims saying about religion’s role?

By Julia DuinA protester leads a chant during anti-government rally in Tahrir Square on the morning of January 31, 2011 … Continued

Who owns the word ‘Adventist,’ or ‘Catholic’?

By Julia Duin Do religious groups have the right to sue you if you use their name, logo or so-called … Continued

America needs prayer, Southern Baptists say

By Julia DuinSouthern Baptists, America’s largest Protestant denomination, apparently believe that divine judgment is close at hand, which is why … Continued