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Josephine McKenna is an Australian freelance journalist based in Rome who has more than 30 years’ experience in TV, radio, print and the internet.

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Meriam Ibrahim, Finally Freed from Sudan, Meets With Pope Francis

After being trapped in Sudan for her refusal to renounce Christianity, Meriam Ibrahim and her family met with Pope Francis.

Pope Francis’s Comments on Pedophilia in the Church Spark Debate

Pope Francis raises eyebrows by saying pedophile priests include ‘bishops and cardinals.’

How Will the Catholic Church Respond to Changing Mores?

The Vatican confronts a shifting landscape on family issues.

Pope to Visit Italian Mafia Heartland

Amid rumors of ailing health, Pope Francis will visit one of the poorest regions in Italy in the wake of a mafia murder.

A Petition to End Clerical Celibacy

A small group of Italian wives are working to end the 451-year old requirement that priests remain celibate.

Pope Francis Tells Couples Not to Substitute Dogs and Cats for Children

The pontiff emphasized the importance of fertility in Christian marriages during a recent Mass.