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John Bryson Chane: Interfaith work remains important to protect religious minorities

AFP/GETTY IMAGES Egyptian Coptic Christians demonstrate outside the state radio and television building in central Cairo on March 8, 2011, … Continued

How many more will die?

After Saturday’s tragic shooting in Tucson, some have pointed the finger at inflammatory political rhetoric. Many singled out Sarah Palin’s … Continued

In defense of Thurgood Marshall

Not often is a saint of the Episcopal Church attacked in the chambers of the United States Senate, but incredibly, … Continued

A call for religious diplomacy

Note: Join us at 7 p.m. Wednesday at the Washington National Cathedral for a public dialogue that closes the three-day … Continued

A Christian case for same-sex marriage

Most media coverage of the D.C. Council’s steps toward civil marriage equality for same-sex couples has followed a worn-out script … Continued

Repairing 8 Years of Flawed U.S. Policy

What do you hope to hear from President Obama in his “major speech to the Muslim world” on June 4? … Continued

What Government Joins Together

The recent news about the California Supreme Court’s decision upholding the ban on same sex marriage and the efforts by … Continued

Call on Religious Leaders to Advise

The President-elect, along with his foreign policy advisers, needs to clearly understand that many of the world’s conflicts are fueled … Continued

Too Many Leaders Promoting Gender Inequality

The United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 adopted in October of 2000 addresses the issue of ending gender-based abuses and … Continued

Celebrate One Nation of Many Faiths

Be clear about what historically was at the core of our founding father’s understanding of the separation of church and … Continued