Jim Cooper

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Pastoral and Political

There is perhaps a fuller sense of context than critics of the Archbishop’s recent comments are willing to acknowledge. Not … Continued

Forgiveness Can Transform the World

Archbishop Tutu is the world’s foremost authority on the power of forgiveness to transform society. His work in South Africa … Continued

We Focus On Our Divisions

Yes, I would agree. And from my Christian, pastoral perspective, I would say that we will in the end be … Continued

Standing With, and Disagreeing With, Christopher Hitchens

Mr. Hitchens is wrong because of the innumerable exceptions to what he would have as a universal rule that religion … Continued

Love is the Fuel for a World of Good

I would appeal to the universal tenets on love of God and love of neighbor. If any of our actions … Continued

Without Doubt, We Don’t Grow

Doubt is the fertilizer of faith. We don’t grow without it. I would never presume that Mother Teresa’s faith was … Continued