Jamie Blaine

As likely to quote Axl Rose as Saint Augustine, Jamie Blaine is a licensed sex and suicide specialist who has worked in libraries, psych wards, haunted houses, megachurches, radio stations and roller rinks. He is non-fiction editor of the L.A. literary collective "The Nervous Breakdown," music editor of the Salon affiliate "The Weeklings," and a former contributor to the world’s only religious satire magazine, "The Wittenburg Door." Blaine lives in Nashville, Tennessee.

Stories by Jamie Blaine
Is Donald Miller Becoming a Motivational Speaker?

The “Blue Like Jazz” author on how he lost everything — his money, his health, and his existential crisis.

Glam Metal for God: A Q&A with Stryper Frontman Michael Sweet

In the 1980s, bands like Poison and Mötley Crüe ruled the airwaves — and Stryper ruled right alongside them.

1989_Oldsmobile_Cutlass Ciera_2022_pic4
Guess That’s Why We Sing Amazing Grace

A beat-up Cutlass rolls toward the psych ward with two strippers in the front and a roller rink DJ-turned-therapist at the wheel.

“We mean totally different things when we’re talking about love”: An Interview with Jeff Chu

A conversation with the Fast Company editor and author of a travelogue into the heart of American Christians’ views on homosexuality.

river dusk
Cleaner, Lighter, Closer

What’s a fella got to do to be baptized?

Secret Sex Lives of the Bible Belt

Seven snapshots of sex therapy from a former therapist at a megachurch counseling center in the South.