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Peace, love & Lennon

In an age when heroes are routinely deconstructed and where human frailty is celebrated with more vigor than virtue, it’s … Continued

The great “Ground Zero mosque” hoax

Anyone paying attention the last couple of weeks has heard multiple reports about plans to build a mosque at Ground … Continued

Empowering the ambassador for religious freedom

Sometimes the numbers tell the story. This certainly appears to be the case in timing of nominations for the U.S. … Continued

‘The Adventists’: Beyond faith healing

Last month, we took the mandatory modern American parent’s pilgrimage down to Walt Disney World. On Saturday morning, we got … Continued

Religion and International Relations

There are very few areas of American life as delicate and nuanced as the relationship between religion and the state. … Continued

A permanent end to American torture

As a boy I lived on the Malaysian island of Penang. Just down the road from our home stood an … Continued

Haiti and the 3 mistakes of modern faith

Q: Many have criticized Pat Robertson’s suggestion that the catastrophic earthquake in Haiti was the work of the devil or … Continued

Climate change requires diet change

As the world is gathered in Copenhagen to discuss the future of climate change, the answer to that question may … Continued

Swiss-made mess

Q: What’s your reaction to Sunday’s decision by voters in Switzerland to ban construction of minarets, the slender towers from … Continued

What about society’s moral duty?

Q: Polls show a majority of Americans are concerned about the H1N1 virus (swine flu), but also about the safety … Continued