James Anderson

Stories by James Anderson
Cosmic Companionship

I have a very personal reaction to the question of the religious meaning of this election. Over the long months … Continued

The War of the Gods

On March 4, 1933 (I was one month old), President Franklin D. Roosevelt gave his first inaugural address and uttered … Continued

Palin, Evangelical Religion and Enlightened Religion

I share with Sarah Palin what I assume is both anxiety and pride over a son serving in Iraq. Unlike … Continued

Will Conservatives Tell Palin to Practice What They Preach?

The essence of hypocrisy is pretense, the acting of a part, a presentation of a role or belief that is … Continued

Senators, What Have You Done for Us Lately?

My question to Senator Obama and Senator McCain would be: Both of you seem to agree that this country needs … Continued

Colluding in Scapegoating the “Other”

What accounts for the discrepancy between 30% of the American public confessing to racial prejudice while 90% claim they believe … Continued

Should Satire Require a Gun Permit?

My dictionary defines ridicule as jesting, making someone or something laughable. The dictionary’s lengthy explanation of ridicule then proceeds to … Continued

Life is Not a Health Spa Visit

I suspect many Americans feel bombarded by messages strongly admonishing all of us to: • eat the proper foods • … Continued

Think Global, Act Local on Racism, Sexism

Someone who genuinely desires deeper insight and increased knowledge regarding the issues posed for religion in America by the “isms’ … Continued

Speak from the Heart, Not for the Polls

The Question: How should Barack Obama have responded to inflammatory remarks made by his former pastor, Dr. Jeremiah Wright? Are … Continued