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“War on Christmas” enters final week

By Gustav Niebuhr Just how old is the idea that segments of corporate America are trying to erode the spiritual … Continued

John Lennon’s religious imagination

Dec. 8 may have marked the anniversary of John Lennon’s murder, but the recognition of his loss–as a singularly gifted … Continued

Elizabeth Edwards versus marriage pessimists

Truly sad news in Wednesday’s papers tells us that Elizabeth Edwards’s longtime foe, her cancer, finally overwhelmed that very strong … Continued

Charlie Rangel’s Deadly Sin

When the last Puritans unlocked a local miscreant from the town stocks for a final time, my guess is they … Continued

The pedophilia scandals: The punishing news never stops

By Gustav Niebuhr Other than the election of Pope Benedict XVI five years ago, news stories about the Roman Catholic … Continued

How will pagans vote… and will their ballots make a difference?

By Gustav Niebuhr The “Pagan vote” has been on my mind of late–and not only because the major religious groups … Continued

Ken Buck “disagrees” with separation of church and state

By Gustav Niebuhr I just watched the clip of Colorado Republican Senate candidate Ken Buck declaring himself four-square against the … Continued

When is yoga NOT yoga (and spiritually “safe” for Christians)?

By Gustav Niebuhr My good colleague at “Under God,” David Waters, wrote a nice piece a couple of weeks back, … Continued

Senator Harry Reid, “cultist?”

One of the terrible temptations that has long faced American clergy is the feeling that they must call out specific … Continued

President Bush meets Pastor Bonhoeffer (in 600 pages!)

By Gustav Niebuhr How many Americans, over their first cup of coffee of the day, ask themselves, “I wonder what … Continued