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Advent a time to hope–and fast–for immigration reform

The Fast for Families is replicating the great public fasts in history for immigration reform in the hope of the Advent season.

The new evangelical ethic around immigration reform

Over 150 prominent evangelical leaders have signed on to a national letter asking for common-sense immigration reform.

History Channel premiere: Why I support “The Bible”

As you probably noticed the History Channel’s epic mini-series “The Bible” trended big after its premier. The fact that one … Continued

What do Latino evangelical voters want?

JOE SKIPPER REUTERS Republican candidate for U.S. president and former Gov. Mitt Romney (R) greets guests at a campaign appearance … Continued

An Evangelical leader’s open letter to Anne Rice

Dear Anne, When I read your Facebook comment about “quitting Christianity for the sake of Christ” I thought of several … Continued

Evangelicals for immigration reform

Like tens of thousands of other Americans, I’ll be in Washington D.C. this Sunday in the March for America rally … Continued

Immigration Reform is a Christian Issue

On Friday, June 19th, over 750 influential Latino Evangelical clergy and leaders converged on Washington, D.C., to pray for our … Continued

Torture Not the Way of Jesus or Us

The UN Convention Against Torture states that torture should be abolished because it violates “human dignity.” From your perspective, what … Continued

Hispanic Evangelicals Rising

Much has been said about the rise of Hispanic Evangelicals in U.S. public life in the last decade. The question … Continued

WWJD? What Would Jefferson Do?

The issue of Presidential proclamations concerning prayer is for many an issue of the separation of church and state. My … Continued