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Life and death on Heartbreak Hill

On Monday I sat down in a hotel room two blocks from where the explosion occurred at the end of … Continued

Rick Warren, the father, grieves

When Rick Warren gave his address at President Obama’s first inauguration, he made a plea: “When we fail to treat … Continued

Putting the meaning in ‘weening

AP Sophia Davila searches for the right pumpkin to be carved into a jack-o-lantern this Halloween at John Ackerman’s pumpkin … Continued

The outsider wins

Weekly Jewish Wisdom: The Outsider Wins by Dr. Erica Brown “There is no prophet in his own city.” Jewish adage … Continued

Holy conversation

Weekly Jewish Wisdom Holy Conversationby Dr. Erica Brown “Conversation is a form of prayer.” Talmud Brakhot 26b What are the … Continued

The tabernacle checklist

Weekly Jewish Wisdom The Tabernacle Checklist by Dr. Erica Brown “Just as the Lord had commanded Moses, so the Israelites … Continued