Desmond Tutu

Stories by Desmond Tutu
The Moral Courage of Nelson Mandela

Mandela was a remarkable gift from God to South Africa and the world — may we remember most of all his great courage.

Desmond Tutu: ‘We need to be able to listen’

Archbishop Desmond Tutu is scheduled to receive an honorary degree and give Gonzaga University’s commencement speech on May 13, despite … Continued

Black Theology Seeks the Liberation of All

When we were struggling in South Africa against the vicious racist policies of apartheid, it was exhilarating to proclaim to … Continued

Statement on Tibet and China

I wish to express my solidarity with the people of Tibet during this critical time in their history. To my … Continued

We Live By Faith, Not Certainty

I am surprised at the flurry of discussion and concern about this aspect of Mother Teresa’s inner life, because spiritual … Continued

Distinguishing Faithful and Woeful

There is no religion that is violent. I certainly know of no religion that teaches that killing or murdering is … Continued