David Mason

David Mason is an associate professor at Rhodes College. He is the author of "Theatre and Religion on Krishna's Stage" and "My Mormonism." His biography of Brigham Young will be available later this year from Routledge. Follow him on Twitter: @fatsodoctor.

Stories by David Mason
Nones on a Mission

Why I’m drawn to the religion of the Nones.

Sacrificing Free Speech in the Name of Free Speech

When Penguin pulped Wendy Doniger, they may have set the stage for free speech — and more profit.

Is religion just an act?

A Mormon bishop in Utah went to church disguised as a homeless man to teach his congregation about compassion.

Mormons–yes, Mormons–have an LGBT moment

There have been times while living in India that I thought the better part of valor was not identifying myself … Continued

Mark Fischer
Praying for true religious freedom at the Supreme Court

The U.S. Supreme Court will hear the case “Town of Greece v. Galloway,” and then decide, once and for all, whose religion is best.

Pope Francis hearts atheists

Atheists search for a response to the heartfelt new Pontiff.

A gay Mormon with a dog problem

(Flickr) Michael Jensen was supposed to become a published author before the year was out, but the whole deal was … Continued

Baby ‘Messiah’ not welcome in the land of the free?
Baby ‘Messiah’ not welcome in the land of the free?

Heidi Wigdahl/Associated Press – This photo provided by Heidi Wigdahl of WBIR-TV shows seven-month old Martin DeShawn McCullough being held … Continued

The big gay Boy Scout agenda

(David Manning/Reuters) Who knew that those green socks and neckerchiefs were so darn sexy? Before I go to my son’s … Continued