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The pope and the president: What to look for in the Obama-Francis summit

Reporter David Gibson offers initial ideas on how President Obama’s meeting with Pope Francis could play out.

Top 12 pastor stunts: Living as an atheist is just the latest ministry gimmick

The rise of the entertainment industry and a focus on marketing techniques have sparked a penchant for ministry gimmicks.

Pope Francis picks cardinals who point the way to Catholicism’s future

Pope Francis’ choice of new cardinals confirms the unique characteristics and goals of his papacy.

Peace activist John Dear parts ways with the Jesuits

Following years of disagreements, the prominent peace activist and Jesuit priest has left the Society of Jesus — the same order of Pope Francis.

Pope Francis breathes new life into Cardinal Bernardin’s contested legacy

RNS () — The election of Pope Francis in March heralded a season of surprises for the Catholic Church, but … Continued

Stephen Colbert on Pope Francis, Cardinal Dolan and (of course) Stephen Colbert

NEW YORK — The great and the good — and lots of politicians and TV pundits, too — gathered Thursday … Continued

Could Pope Francis make women cardinals?

RNS () — Could a woman vote for the next pope? Pope Francis has said repeatedly that he wants to … Continued

An aging maverick, Episcopal Bishop John Shelby Spong has no regrets

MORRIS PLAINS, N.J. — At 82, retired and enjoying life, Bishop John Shelby Spong doesn’t have to be the liberal … Continued

The 12 best Catholic quips from Stephen Colbert, the ‘pope of basic cable’

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ANALYSIS: The ‘Breaking Bad’ finale was great. But was it good?

WARNING: More spoilers below than the Book of Revelation. (RNS) Nearly a week after the “Breaking Bad” finale aired, the … Continued