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Beneath stereotypes, a stressful life for preachers’ kids

The day Franklin Graham was born, he received a telegram. “Welcome to this sin-sick world,” the Western Union message said, … Continued

Boston Marathon’s holy ground and sacred bonds

When it comes to running, America often looks like a country of apostles and apostates. For true believers like Olympian … Continued

As they turn 150, Adventists still praying for the Apocalypse

Over the past 150 years, Seventh-day Adventists have built one of Christianity’s most inventive and prosperous churches — while praying … Continued

Nicodemus, the mystery man of Holy Week

He came to Jesus at night, sneaking off to see the man behind the miracles. He was a powerful Pharisee, … Continued

What Pope Benedict XVI shares with his notorious namesake

You won’t find many Catholic churches named after Pope Benedict IX. He was a puppet pope, installed by his powerful … Continued

The gospel roots of the’Godmother of rock’n’ roll’

Before Elvis and Chuck Berry and Johnny Cash. Before Aretha and Whitney and Beyonce. Before the blues met gospel and … Continued