Corrie Mitchell

Corrie Mitchell is a recent graduate of the literary reportage master's program at New York University. She currently works at On Faith.

Stories by Corrie Mitchell
A New York City Prayer Walk Goes Worldwide

A grassroots movement of prayer, music, and faith proclamation wants to take God to the city streets.

A Homeless Shelter Where Jesus Is Served

At the New York City Rescue Mission, the path to recovery goes through God.

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These Are America’s First Churches — and They’re Still Worshipping

Find out which churches made the list of congregations that have been gathering since the colonial days.

Seven Religious Sites to See in Brazil for World Cup Travelers

Home to the largest number of Catholics in the world, Brazil attracts pilgrims all year with these inspiring holy sites.

Ten Bible Verses Prosperity Gospel Preachers Need to Stop Misusing

Can you believe your way to health and wealth? Prosperity teachers say yes — and they misuse these Bible verses to convince millions of people that they’re right.

Jesus, Bunnies, and Colored Eggs: An Explanation of Holy Week and Easter

So, Easter is a one-day celebration of Jesus rising from the dead and turning into a bunny, right? Not exactly.