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British TV channel’s call to prayer stirs controversy

CANTERBURY, England — With a stated aim to “provoke,” Britain’s best-known TV company, Channel 4, is justifying its live daily … Continued

Justin Welby confirmed as new Archbishop of Canterbury

LONDON — Justin Welby was confirmed Monday (Feb. 4) as the new archbishop of Canterbury at a centuries-old service at … Continued

European court says U.K. equality laws trump personal religious beliefs

CANTERBURY, England — The European Court of Human Rights on Tuesday (Jan. 15) ruled that equality laws trump personal religious … Continued

British bishops resist move to allow monarch to marry a Catholic

CANTERBURY, England — A royal row has broken out between Church of England bishops and Prime Minister David Cameron’s liberal-minded … Continued

Church of England OK’s (celibate) gay bishops

CANTERBURY, England — The Church of England on Friday (Jan. 4) confirmed that it has dropped its prohibition on gay … Continued

Parliament bars Church of England from hosting gay weddings

CANTERBURY, England — The British government unveiled a proposal on Tuesday (Dec. 11) that excludes the Church of England and … Continued