Becky Garrison

Becky Garrison contributes to a range of outlets including Religion Dispatches, Believe Out Loud, and American Atheist. Her seven books include "Roger Williams' Little Book of Virtues," and "Red and Blue God, Black and Blue Church" (PW Starred Review).

Stories by Becky Garrison
Bathroom Panic: How Faith-Based Myths Discriminate Against Transgender People

Christians afraid of sexual predators need to get their facts straight.

Former Mars Hill Women’s Ministry Leader: “The cult of personality . . . isn’t how God builds his church”

Wendy Allsup, a former deacon and ministry leader at Mark Driscoll’s church, explains what went wrong at Mars Hill — and why she has hope for the future.

Gretta Wall of Legacy narrow
The Atheist Minister

Gretta Vosper says prayer is “being attuned to the world” and church “has to be on the edge of whatever is next.” Is her congregation the future of church?

How One Church Is Finding Faith Through Art

A faith community in Portland weaves music, visual arts, and poetry into a collaborative spiritual experience.

‘Atheism Is Boring’

The Founders of Sunday Assembly craft services designed to attract anyone looking to explore how they can live a life of meaning regardless of that person’s particular religious beliefs.

jesus stencil
Coming Out As Transgender and Christian

Last week an Azusa professor revealed that he is a transgender person who is going through a divorce from as he seeks a legal name change and gender transition.