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Is Huma Abedin Muslim faith her fatal flaw with Anthony Weiner? That’s not the Islam I know.

So no one was surprised when Rush Limbaugh publicly ruminated on Huma Abedin’s Islam and its role as the proximate … Continued

Ramadan cheat sheet

Mohammad Hannon AP A Jordanian man looks at decorations for Ramadan in Amman, Jordan,Thursday, July 19, 2012. Tonight, Ramadan sets … Continued

Ramadan etiquette guide: How to be a non-Muslim during the holy month

Achmad Ibrahim AP Indonesian Muslim student march during a gathering marking Ramadan in Jakarta, Indonesia,Wednesday, July 18, 2012. Ramadan, the … Continued

Muslims and Catholics vs. Banzhaf

There are those who would learn that Catholic University of America, a private, Catholic institution, has doubled its Muslim student … Continued

No sex on campus?

Cardinal Hall at Catholic University of America, Brookland neighborhood, Washington. Another school year is in full swing. Frat houses around … Continued

Ramadan etiquette: A guide to your Muslim neighbor’s holy month

Jessica Hill AP This Wednesday, July 20, 2011 photo shows personal trainer Mubarakah Ibrahim, right, as she watches client Mari … Continued