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Kristallnacht Still Casts a Long Shadow On Europe

Seventy-five years after Kristallnacht, anti-Semitism persists in Europe.

A G-d for all people, religious or not

A recent Pew poll on religion that found one of six people on this earth—over a billion souls– affiliate with … Continued

Jewish wisdom on mosque debate

By Abraham Cooper The debate over the 9/11 ‘Cordoba’ mosque continues to spawn raw emotions and white– hot rhetoric from … Continued

Mercy to the cruel spawns cruelty to the merciful

By Abraham Cooper From the very first day back in 1985, when officials of the Simon Wiesenthal Center first presented … Continued

Suicide bombings: Crimes against humanity

By Abraham Cooperassociate dean, Simon Wiesenthal Center As Jews the world over prepare for the our Passover Seder and Christian … Continued

The day two rabbis asked Sheikh Tantawi for a fatwa

By Abraham CooperSimon Wiesenthal Center I just learned that Sheikh Mohamed Sayyed Tantawi, Egypt’s leading religious authority, died today while … Continued