Scroll Your Way Through the 12 Tribes of Israel

The better we understand the 12 tribes, the better we understand Israel’s important (and weird) history.

The nation of Israel is central to the Bible’s narrative, especially the Old Testament. But that country wasn’t just a uniform people group: Israel is a mix of 12 tribes in the Bible.

And the better we understand these tribes, the better we understand some of the important (and weird) things that happen in Israel’s history. Kings, civil wars, border disputes, body parts in the mail (Judges 19:29) — the dynamic between the tribes is at the heart of it all.

But it’s so much information to digest! So I made this infographic as a quick, illustrated guide to the tribes. (You can download a copy here, if you like.)

12-tribes-of-israel-infographic (2)

Lead image courtesy of Daniel Ventura.

Jeffrey Kranz
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  • Chris Bruynzeel

    Ditto–love this! Thank you

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