The (Almost) New OnFaith

OnFaith is on the move. Find out what’s new and what’s coming soon.

This month, OnFaith begins a big transition — after seven years at The Washington Post, OnFaith is relaunching with FaithStreet, a technology company that helps faith communities reach people and increase giving. OnFaith will continue to host the rich OnFaith archives, but we’re also reinventing the site and developing fresh approaches to telling religion stories online.

The transition is underway, and we’re aiming for an official debut of the new site in late January. Right now, we’re in the process of building new pages, fine-tuning functionality, and working out the kinks. We’re also laying the foundation for the way we want to tell stories and cover religion and spirituality.

OnFaith will continue to feature daily religion news and opinion pieces, but starting next month, the site will be organized chiefly around Weekly Issues. Each day, we will publish one item on that week’s issue — a reported story, an essay that might be newsy or personal (or both), a photo stream, video, infographic, interview, or something else we hope you’ll discuss and share.

Our core conviction is that religion and spirituality permeate everything, so the range of possible stories is vast. We are captivated by each day’s religion (and contra-religion) news, but we’re also enthralled by tales that arise from the deeper background, the unusual, uncanny stories that emerge in far-flung places: bedrooms, banks, schools, cinemas, just about anywhere humans do what they do. We’re especially interested in communities, and plan to specialize in stories that explore beliefs, practices, rituals as played out in specific neighborhoods, parishes, churches, synagogues, mosques, temples, humanist gatherings, and congregations of all kinds.

We’re excited about the stories we have lined up already. OnFaith will be publishing an array of respected voices, including people whose writing we admire but who don’t normally write on religion. We’re also looking for new voices — student reporters, ministers, budding philosophers, and storytellers of just about any kind. Maybe that includes you: We’re searching for journalists, essayists, photographers, videographers, and designers who want to capture and share religion stories and share religion viewpoints. If you would like to be on our list of potential contributors, sign up here. We’ll announce our plans for Issues to contributors many weeks in advance, inviting submissions and proposals.

In the meantime, to stay tuned with OnFaith’s developments and new stories as they appear, drop us your email, Follow us and Like us. And always feel free to sends leads or ideas.

We’re looking forward to the new OnFaith, and we hope you’ll join us and let us know what you think.


Patton Dodd Patton Dodd is the editor-in-chief of OnFaith.

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