Poll: Americans less likely to support interventions on moral grounds than for self defense

Dec. 8, 2012Seven-year-old Walid, right, is comforted as he mourns a fallen Syrian rebel fighter taken away for burial in … Continued

Dec. 8, 2012Seven-year-old Walid, right, is comforted as he mourns a fallen Syrian rebel fighter taken away for burial in the al-Fardos area of Aleppo. The orphaned boy is staying with this unit of rebel fighters after his father was allegedly killed by the regime. His mother’s whereabouts is unknown. After months of fighting, the city is without power, and running water and basic commodities are getting scarcer.Odd Andersen / AFP/Getty Images


-Pew Research Center senior writer Drew DeSilver on Americans’ perceptions of moral justifications for U.S. foreign policy.

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  • rgw1946

    still want to see PROOF before I say..hear say or pointing too…NOPE…PROOF–if they say they have–then let us see it…this is more career politicians BS…what about home..BUDGET–JOBS…NO PROOF–then NO..now you have PAKI babies releasing the Taliban slugs..more targets for our drones I guess…pull out this is more BS…NO AID…GET OUT

  • Looking_in

    This not an either-or issue. We prefer our wars to serve our interests, and we prefer our wars to be dressed up as self-defense or as humanitarian help to the suffering.

    But, it seems, most of all, we prefer our wars.

  • oblivionville

    What’s a super-power without them?

  • Bob from MI

    If we go through with this insane attack on Syria… Obama, Hillary, McCain, Kerry and the entire legislature should be issued rifles and have THEIR boots put on the ground right after our bombing. Let’s see how much gratitude they get from the Syrians.

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