Jesse Jackson: Zimmerman case showed ‘struggle for fairness and justice is not over’

Jacob Langston/ Orlando Sentinel QUOTE OF THE DAY | The Rev. Jesse Jackson, in a Facebook post on the acquittal … Continued

Jacob Langston/ Orlando Sentinel


The Rev. Jesse Jackson, in a Facebook post on the acquittal of George Zimmerman for the charge of murder in the death of Trayvon Martin.

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  • luca_20009

    The only crime Zimmerman committed was having a “Z” at the beginning of his name rather than the end. If he was a “Gonzalez”, or a “Rodriegez”, race mongers like Je$$e Jack$on would have never taken notice of the case.

  • WmarkW

    Doing mixed martial arts on fat guys lying on the ground shouldn’t be a capital offense, but is definitely a risk even a 17-year-old should know better about.

  • 3vandrum

    “In my view the American legal system has once again failed justice”.
    I agree with Jackson. This is what happened with OJ. Simpson trial when justice failed and many black people were jubilant. The problem is the jury system. You select 6 people off the street as jurors and put your fate in their hands and expect justice to be served. These jurors are swayed by racial prejudice and personal feelings and do not care about any evidence or justice. Jury trials are bizarre and risky and problematic in any multi cultural country. OJ.Simpson, Casey Anthony, and now Zimmeerman were all found not guilty under the jury system. This is a shame. Instead of jurors a panel of judges would have served justice much better . I was listening to one of the jurors report on CNN yesterday and it confirmed my opinion
    how stupid and racist a juror could be.

  • Jimof1913

    Why?? Zimmerman is Hispanic. Anyone looking at him can tell that. Why does it matters how he spells his name?

  • dwynn

    Rev. Jesse Jackson still believes that all white still owes the black 40 acres and a mule for putting their people in slavery. They don’t want the 40 acres and a mule that means work. They rather have the money at today price, just pay them the price when they were slaves and get over it.

    The people have to accept the fact that he was found not guilty and quit string up riots, assaults and damaging property just because you refuse the verdict. Whites obey the law and so should the blacks Jesse Jackson.

  • wanker33

    “The people have to accept the fact that he was found not guilty ”

    I disagree. The trial was mismanaged from the beginning.

    The charge should have been manslaughter, not 2nd degree murder. Zimmerman would have been convicted, served about 18 months in prison and lost his right to carry a firearm.

    Not perfect but it would’ve made the world a safer place to live in.

  • yahoo wahoo

    Why would anyone interview Jesse Jackson on race. He is the King of the Race Baters and the Number 1 shakedown artist. The article should be about how these Black Panthers (Jackson, Sharpton, Obama, Holder, ect) are destroying this country with their racism. Also, the Compost should have an article about a man who stood trial for a non-crime. They should also do an article about how the media inaccurately portrayed Treyvon by showing pictures from years ago before he discovered tattoos and weed.

  • wanker33

    He’s half-Peruvian (not a legit Hispanic). His (white) father has testified that GZ is “a Spanish speaking minority”.

    Anyway, there isn’t a major newspaper anywhere that is mentioning Zimmerman’s ethnicity.

    The headlines are much sexier with the implied White Man vs. Black Man scenario.

    Hispanic vs. Black doesn’t sell many newspapers.

  • MP5N

    All this case proved is how Democrats, liberals and race baiters like Jackson and Sharpton have to exploit a tragedy to attempt remain relevant and fire up the lib base. Everyone’s watching if Eric Holder and the DOJ will file civil rights violation charges against Zimmermann, even though local, state and FBI fully investigated the case and shocking… NO EVIDENCE RACE WAS A FACTOR. Good luck with that. Why don’t Sharpton, Jackson protest the black on black crime in Chicago? Or for that matter why doesn’t Jackson stick to picketing Denny’s..

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