Catholic Church sees “hopeful future” in the Boy Scouts, even if openly gay scouts allowed

Richard W. Rodriguez AP Scouts hold signs at the “Save Our Scouts” Prayer Vigil and Rally at the Boy Scouts … Continued

Richard W. Rodriguez


Scouts hold signs at the “Save Our Scouts” Prayer Vigil and Rally at the Boy Scouts of America National Headquarters in Irving, Tex., on Feb. 6, 2013. The Boy Scouts of America is asking local leaders from across the country to decide whether its membership policy should be overhauled to allow openly gay boys.

The Catholic Church, one of the country’s largest sponsors of Boy Scout troops, is “hopeful” about remaining with the Scouts — even if its governing board later this week votes to welcome openly gay scouts, a new letter appears to say.

In a May 19 letter to the group Scouts for Equality, Bishop Robert Guglielmone of the National Catholic Committee on Scouting says “with regard to a possible BSA membership change, we will continue to uphold the truths of the Church’s teaching and strive to maintain our ties with the BSA,” Guglielmone wrote. “The Catholic Church in the United States has enjoyed a long and fruitful relationship with the BSA, and I hope that relationship can continue.”

The letter seems to go further than a vague statement from the commitee a few days ago, which simply said the committee was waiting for the results of the vote, which is expected Thursday at the annual meeting of the Scouts’ governing council.

A call and e-mail to the committee weren’t immediately returned Monday evening.

The committee’s letter was in response to an Eagle Scout with Scouts for Equality asking for church support.

Catholic parishes, which are reportedly the third-largest sponsor of troops, seem divided on the issue. The National Catholic Reporter on Monday cited experts predicting that a quarter of the 273,000 Boy Scouts connected to Catholic-run troops could leave. It’s unclear, though, as polls show a majority of self-identified Catholics support equal rights for same-sex couples.

Faith based groups, which charter some 70 percent of Scout troops, have been divided on the proposal to allow openly gay Scouts but not openly gay adult leaders. The country’s largest sponsor, the Mormon Church, said in late April that it is comfortable with the proposal.

  • An-Toan

    Yes . . . according to some studies, 40% of Catholic priests are gay. There no doubt are gay priests who also were gay boy scouts.

  • raymarshall1

    some studies? Or is youir comment just slander and wishful thinking? Documentation, please!

  • raymarshall1

    If homosexuals are only 2% of the population of this country, how is it possible that 63% of American Catholics (70,000,000) are related to a homosexual. Those must be incredibly large families.

  • jay2drummer

    One homosexual can be sibling, cousin, parent, child, grandchild, grandparent, uncle/aunt, nephew/niece, all at the same time.

  • raymarshall1

    The vast majority of Catholic Church closings are do to population shifts when people move from inner cities to suburbs or other communities. That, and a decrease in the size of families and the eliminatiion of the requirement that Catholics attend their “territorial parish.”

  • Ranmore

    J. Wolf, Gay Priests, New York, 1989; R. Sipe, A Secret World: sexuality and the search for celibacy, New York, 1990

  • genennene

    And the results of Sipe, from 25 years ago, was questionable then, and truly questionable now.

  • jay2drummer

    What exactly do you mean by truth? In ancient Rome, the Catholic Church actually sanctioned same sex marriages. They simply stopped because the emperor declared same sex marriages to be banned.

  • genennene

    jayzdrummer, your claim is absolutely false. The Church never did. The claim is by one person who misinterpreted a translation from Latin. Completely false. Every aspect of your claim is false.

  • thebump

    Correction: What polls actually show — consistently — is that a majority of self-identified Catholics aren’t.

  • An-Toan

    My former Christian boyfriend who broke up with me to go study at a seminary said there are many gay priests at the school.

  • lookahead

    And a majority of self-identified excommunicators are not even bishops.

  • lookahead

    I’m guessing every group of single, male adults has at least a slightly higher percentage of gay people than other groups.

  • lookahead

    In response to raymarshall. I have a gay niece. That means my whole family, 5 siblings, four children, seven grandkids, dozens of nieces and nephews, dozens more grand nieces and nephews are all related to her.

    See how it works?

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