Rep. Walter Jones: Dick Cheney probably going to hell for Iraq War policy

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “Congress will not hold anyone to blame [for America’s wars in the Middle East]. Lyndon Johnson’s … Continued

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “Congress will not hold anyone to blame [for America’s wars in the Middle East]. Lyndon Johnson’s probably rotting in hell right now because of the Vietnam War, and he probably needs to move over for Dick Cheney.”

-Rep. Walter Jones (R-N.C.) in a speech to the Young Americans for Liberty during which he said he regretted his initial support for the Iraq War and that he believes that former Vice President Dick Cheney likely deserves eternal damnation.

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  • bocaoma

    Cheney is certainly scheming on a war with Iran. Fortunately, he’s in a minority. His kind are dead and dying off thankfully. I don’t see a path for any Republican to the White House ever again. Must be God’s will. God does indeed hate Republicans.

  • Rodger

    May no longer be a United States after this liar in chief Resident gets done. Also his wifes mother owes taxpayers $480,000.00 in rent for the last 4 years she has resided in our house at 1600 Pennsylvania and that amount does not include food charges.

  • Baci302

    Jones is wrong. Cheney was going to hell way before that.


    The worst vice president in American history.


    There is no such thing as hell. Hell is a fantasy made up so that people like Cheney WON’T get punished in their lifetimes.

  • momshugs

    Cheney is ‘born again’ & therefore will be ‘raptured’ up into heaven when the end time comes, which could be anytime soon.

  • momshugs

    Good grief, you two mental midgets need to get a grip!

  • archybunka1

    As much as I despise Dick Cheney, and boy, I really do. I recognised the hypocrisy of this man who supported this tragic mistake while he was in power, and now he runs around condemning Cheney to hell.

    Where were you when the country needed you? You were rubbing stamping Dick.

  • heveymana

    Works out. I here Satan is looking for a good right hand man.

  • AmericanMetal136

    Yupe, Cheney will be sharing a tooth brush with the rest of war criminals. The thing is Cheney will enjoy it..


    One can only be born once. All the rest is bull….

  • BethInBibleBelt

    Rodger, the first family pays for its own food.

    Rent? As if the space would have brought in inconme if she was not there? $120,000/year for rent?

    Why am I responding to this lunatic?

  • Susan-GreenBay

    All Christians know that we all “deserve” hell, but Christ died in our place, defeated the devil and will save all who believe in Him.

  • ThomasBaum

    Actually, God’s Plan is that All will be saved.

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