Stevie Wonder’s Bud Lite voodoo: It’s ‘very superstitious’

Superstition is in. Even Stevie Wonder is into it. Even Budweiser is into it. “Very Superstitious”? That was Bud Light’s … Continued

Superstition is in. Even Stevie Wonder is into it. Even Budweiser is into it. “Very Superstitious”? That was Bud Light’s ad on TV for last night’s Super Bowl.

The commercial shows a guy gathering items to make a voodoo doll in New Orleans during Mardi Gras. An old sock, some strands of hair, a clump of grass. He goes into a bar, orders a Bud and clicks his glass with the bartender. They both look ominous. Then, he walks down a dark corridor of candles and into a room where a white suited Stevie Wonder grins menacingly. “You lookin’ for a little mojo? “ he asks. “Let’s get lucky!”

Now our guy is sitting at the Super Bowl with his 49ers themed voodoo doll. The guy next to him pulls out his—for the Ravens. They look at each other askance.

“It’s only weird if it doesn’t work,” appears on the screen.

Sunday, I wrote that I would be rooting for the 49ers because my family lives in San Francisco and it would make them happy if they won. I said I would be clutching my Ganesh (Indian god talisman) for good luck. They lost. However, everyone else in the room was rooting for the Ravens. And besides, I left to go get pizza during the game and wasn’t able to execute my full mojo powers. So it wasn’t weird.

Really, it wasn’t.

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Musicians Stevie Wonder, Janelle Monae and Gary Clark Jr. (far right) perform onstage at Bud Light Presents Stevie Wonder and Gary Clark Jr. at the Bud Light Hotel on February 2, 2013 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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Sally Quinn Sally Quinn is the founding editor of OnFaith.

    Why do we allow TV advertising of alcohol if alcoholism is a widespread disease and booze kills more than all guns?? Also, Stevie-they set you up to be a vodoo Doctor-I’d fire some folks!

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