End of the world? Awaken whatever dream you’ve been putting off!

AP People raise their hands during a ceremony on Dec. 6, 2012, by Mayan sages in Bacuranao, Cuba. From Russia … Continued


People raise their hands during a ceremony on Dec. 6, 2012, by Mayan sages in Bacuranao, Cuba. From Russia to California, thousands are preparing for the fateful day, when many believe a 5,125-year cycle known as the Long Count in the Mayan calendar supposedly comes to an end.

Dec. 21, 2012, completes a 5,125-year cycle in the Mayan Long Count calendar, and begins a whole new cycle. Mayan elders generally interpret this to mean the end of the dark ages, when toxic sludge from our misguided civilization has gunked up the main evolutionary chamber of the species, and the dawn of a new era, when humanity comes into its own.

In light of this prophecy some people believe that the world is ending. This diagnosis comes with little surprise to those of us who have been studying the matter for 25 years in our mystery school, the College of Visionaries and Wizards.

The end of the world comes with little surprise because it became clear to us that there is more than one world here. There is an artificial world, a false planet that, like papier-mâché, is wrapped around the living earth. This false Earth is hawked by politicians and newscasters as if it was the real thing, and it grips each of us wherever we are most susceptible to getting hooked on illusions of fear, scarcity and lack that keep people apart.

The false earth is a brittle shell, a toxic wasteland drained of innocence and wonder, glued in place by mass media, corporate food systems and obsolete ideas of separation that batter the senses with tabloid images and sitcom laughter. Each choice you make to go along with that charade glues the false world in place, and the papier-mâché gets thicker, until few people are plugged into a life that’s real and deep and true.

Then there is a radiant blue-green gem of the cosmos, a living green Earth, glittering as she flies around the sun, vibrantly alive, chamber of miracle, source-spring of pristine waters that regenerate mind, body and soul. This is the planet whose molten heart beats deep below the glad-handing of pundits and politicians. Beneath the papier-mâché coating of false diet and false education and false media, a planet of vast diversity grows and changes as she whisks through space.

This living green Earth is the world that children and poets and visionaries recognize despite all the attention lavished on papier-mâché. As we approach the much-heralded Winter Solstice of 2012, many beside them are awakening to the dawning awareness of how much potential we have as a species that we haven’t tapped yet. Many awakening souls are starting to see through the coating as it peels away.

This means we need new vision to counter the rampant blindness that prevails. This Solstice is a wake-up call to fight off numbness and apathy. We need an uprising of the soul, beyond any ism. Our inspiration must be to discover what we love and cherish and disown the rest. We need a love greater than the naive love that sprang up in the hearts of runaways who left Midwestern homes in the 1960s searching for the Promised Land. We need a love that grows stronger when the acid wears off and the love-ins end.

Wherever people gather in one-to-one heart talks, and in small groups, truth is being seeded from the ruins. Our aim must be to restore a love that matters, a sex that penetrates to the soul, a world that counts. In his massive plea to awaken the human race, the enlightened seer Rumi does not say, “Lord, help us change.” He says “Make us afraid of the way we were,” because Rumi discovered a great truth: If you show people a better way that appeals to their lofty aspirations and noble instincts, they will rarely take it. Only when people become more afraid of staying the same than of changing will they change. Only when the motivation for something different sinks down into the primal ooze of the reptilian brain will change become immanent.

As the papier-mâché crumbles, you and I and everyone alive have a great moment before us, upon which rests the fate of our planet. From deep down in the soul the choice is maddeningly simple: EVOLVE OR PERISH.

Evolve means to stop acting as though your real life were elsewhere, and dig down deep into the dream wanting to be born inside you. It means daring yourself to break through the limiting fear that holds people back from becoming who they are. It means daring yourself to believe that your most positive dream might come true.

After all, whether it is just an age in the Mayan Long Count that is ending or the whole world, you might as well seize this moment to awaken whatever glittering dream you’ve been putting off for that fabulous someday, and become the person you are in your heart of hearts. That way, whatever comes through the Solstice gate will find you right where you ought to be.

Who are you really? What are you here for? How much longer are you going to wait?

Mark Borax is a best-selling author and Soul Level astrologer who lives in Vermont and writes the monthly Cosmic Weather Report email newsletter.

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    I have an Edward Gorey “Gashlycrumb Tinies” calendar and it mysteriously and abruptly ends on Jan. 31, 2012!

    Clear proof that the world will end on Jan 1, 2013!

    I thought you new age bullsh*t artists agreed to shut your ignorant yaps forever if the world doesn’t end on the 21st. You’re ignorant about the Mayan calendar, so you have no reason to talk about it anymore.

    Go off and write astrological “charts” for gullible old ladies. Leave real people alone.



    Should read: …” it mysteriously and abruptly ends on Dec. 31, 2012!”

  • itsthedax

    I just looked at my calendar, and it ends on December 31st! The world isn’t ending on the 21st at all! We get a 10 day reprieve!!!

  • mbeck1

    Our hopelessly corrupt world must be destroyed. It’s always nice to leaven the end of the world with a little Gnosticism.

    Obviously you know it’s not true, since your College of Visionaries and Wizards is still offering memberships and teaching classes past the due date.

  • Secular1

    I am appalled that WAPO devtes so much ink for some stupid mayan myth. We all know how advanced the mayans were vis-a-vis science, technology and lack of superstition. Come on guys these people were ignorant savages. I just wonder how ignorant all these folks are to have asked an idiotic astrologer all this ink. Come on guys, astrology and religion need to be left on the dung hill of history just as we did with all the Al Chemistry books.


    Secular1, this is not real Mayan myth. It is something that the new-agers have consctructed out of whole cloth.

    The new-agers do not have the integrity or aptitude for real Mayan studies – so that a bas relief of a priest tilted sideways becomes a man in a spaceship and evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence to them.

    Mayan studies is HARD. It is hard because there is no real Rosetta Stone for translation. The catholic Inquisition made sure of that when Fr. Diego de Landa burned all the Mayan codices in 1562.

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